Pew House

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Similar in its cantilevered terrace to the great “Fallingwater” design of 1936, both show a pronounced horizontal character to the natural shale rock. Indeed, while the actual built house’s retaining walls were not as elongated as in this drawing, the parapets, bedroom overhangs, and living room roof are nearly identical.

Unlike the finished rendering in the Museum of Modern Art archives, this version shows Wright’s own hand in the placement of trees, plantings, bushes, and rocks. While an unnamed draftsman drew the house – and wrote the misspelled title block – it’s obvious that Wright himself loosely sketched the organic elements in different pencil strokes and their un-erased lines.
The drawing was left unconserved with its traditional office spray fixative coloring the slight brown and graphite pencil marks. But with that fixative and his initialed red chop, this may have been more than a developmental drawing and instead a presentation rendering for the client to see.
Frank Lloyd Wright
House for John C Pew – Stone Option
Delineators: House and title block, unknown draftsman organic elements, attributed to Wright
Pencil and colored pencil on tracing paper
Titled on lower center text block
Initialed FLLW and dated in red square chop lower right
June 1940
Ex coll: Wright; Three private collectors
H: 13 1/2 x W: 28 inches (mat window measurement)

Price upon request

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