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The 1994 Museum of Modern Art exhibition Frank Lloyd Wright: Architect dated the Lake Tahoe Summer Colony as 1922-1924. But in 1996, the Library of Congress and Canadian Centre for Architecture dated the unbuilt project as “circa” 1923.

The ArchiTech drawing here (as is the perspective in this show) is dated by Wright as June 8, 1922. However, Wright is known to have returned from his Japanese projects in August 1922 causing this date to be incorrect.

Called Fir Tree at this time, it has been known as the Shore Type Cabin to historians of the Lake Tahoe Summer Colony.

Other than the known design of retaining wall of horizontal cast blocks, this elevation and plan pictures an irregular stone one but almost exactly pictures the sketch held in the Wright archives now at the Museum of Modern Art. And the use of the name Fir Tree and its type of stone retaining wall indicate it was an early alternative view of the cabin and Wright may have simply been confused about the date when he clearly initialed it.
Though the tree shapes resemble those in the Doheny Ranch project drawings, it’s obvious this rendering was drawn by someone other than Wright. But he alone initialed this presentation drawing in his red square chop.

When the Summer Colony sales team vacated its office, they left the furniture, file drawers, and a few of Wright’s drawings to the next tenant, Chester Barrigan, who left them to his daughter, who willed them to her son.

Recently, the aging tissues were conserved by proper museum techniques leaving the Tahoe cabin drawings nearly pristine within tightly enclosed framing.

Frank Lloyd Wright
Lake Tahoe ‘Fir Tree’ Frank Lloyd Wright Architect
Delineator: Unknown
Pencil and colored pencil on tracing paper
Titled and initialed within chop on lower center text block
Initialed FLLW and dated in red square chop lower right
June 8, 1922
Ex coll: Wright; Four private collectors
H: 26 1/2 x W: 17 3/8 inches (mat window measurement)

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