Henry P. Glass – Chairs – Bridge Set

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Though not dated, this gray paper is only seen in the 1939-1940 period, dating these works to that general time. Stylistically, however, since they show a more modern, bar chrome design with a whimsical “Card Suit” backing, it may be a transitional phase early into his more extreme and short-lived designs of the middle of 1939.

As modern gaming furniture for the home wasn’t often found, Glass saw it as a natural product for the domestic market. Most likely, the drawings [a table wasn’t found] were shopped around in 1939 along with cartoonish and even inflatable designs to various showrooms in New York City before he landed a job designing for the World’s Fair.

The original chair designs were kept in the Glass files and in 2001 sold to the ArchiTech Gallery collection.

Henry P. Glass
Bridge Set BS 1,2,3,4

Presentation rendering
Prismacolor and chalk on gray paper
Circa 1939
Signed lower right
Each 12.5 x 9.5 inches

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